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What's it like being on the American University of Sharjah's campus

Brandon Pietras, Architecture major from Fordham University:
"The on-campus experience so far has been surprisingly laid back. The students are from all over the region so it's a great opportunity to get several different perspectives on everything you are studying. Professors are passionate and engaged with the students. So far they have all been easy to contact for help."

Irfan Khan, finance major from Villanova University:
"AUS campus was more beautiful than I was expecting as it is difficult to show the grand scale of things accurately in imagery. I didn't realize the dorms would have a cleaning service or be as close as they are to campus so definite pluses there. I'm probably the minority in saying the food here is great as I'm able to fully enjoy western chains on campus."


Why choose Sharjah as your study abroad destination

Sharjah is a neighbooring Emirate to Dubai in the UAE. With its blend of traditional and modern, it is an ideal destination for business, engineering and humanities students. See what our students are saying:

Irfan Khan, Finance Major, Villanova University
“I was seeking an institution that had Islamic Finance coursework at the undergraduate level and saw that this was one of the few universities to do so.”


Burj khalifa

Dubai at night
Brandon Pietras, Architecture Major, Fordham University

“I am actually very lucky to have found the AUS program with CIEE. Before this year I was an International Studies major with a minor in Middle East Studies. I had planned on studying abroad in Jordan (also with CIEE) for Arabic language. Then, I realized architecture was what I really wanted to do so I switched majors, keeping my Middle East Studies minor. I looked at tons of programs abroad for architecture but found nothing that matched my regional interest until CIEE sent me an email for this program, which is perfect! I can't think of a better place to study architecture than the UAE, where so many new building principles, theories and designs are being practiced. As far as I know, I am one of very few architecture students from Fordham to study abroad during a full semester, and I believe the only one to have gone to the Middle East. Most go to Europe, which is great, but so do 90% of other grad school applicants. Studying architecture in Sharjah and Dubai is an extraordinary opportunity for my future plans.”


Carl Axel Nilsson, Engineering Major, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“While looking at potential places to go for the semester, the Sharjah program really stood out because it looked like the most unique place with the most opportunities to see new things. Also, as an engineering student, the program there really matched my schools program so class credits would be easy to get.”

Al qasba

Palm island