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Week of Goodbyes, miss you's and see you laters

This past week has been full of goodbyes, I’ll miss you’s, and see you laters. Watching the people you have become so close with over the semester leave is difficult but it makes you realize how worth it studying abroad really is.

Oman! what a place

The first trip where I really realized how incredible this experience really is was the Oman weekend trip. During this weekend, we visited Nizwa and Muscat, which are two beautiful cities located in Oman. This trip was full of multiple cultural activities as well as some incredible experiences you probably wouldn’t get anywhere else. We visited Jebel Shams which is the highest mountain peak in Oman where we had lunch. Can you imagine having lunch at the top of a mountain? It was pretty sick. On the way down we visited the Grand Canyon where we ran into cute little mountain goats. My other favorite site we visited was the palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. This place was so breathtaking and unreal.





Musandam is a MUST!

Later, we took another trip to Oman, but this time we visited Musandam for a boat trip. This was probably my favorite trip of the entire semester. We spent the day out at sea where everyone could go swimming, snorkeling, etc.






Sand in your hair!
The next group trip we took was an overnight desert safari. Here, you were able to ride a camel, go sand boarding, go sand dune bashing, get henna, and enjoy some live entertainment as well as a campfire.







Weddings here are something else!

While being here, learning about the Emirati culture was a huge goal for me. During the semester, a very sweet Emirati girl invited everyone in IXO to attend her relative’s wedding. This wedding turned out to be very different than the typical wedding you would imagine, but it was still so beautiful.



Festive season in the desert

Of course while being here, many holidays passed by such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Thanksgiving, IXO put together a dinner for everyone to attend so we could still have that piece of home here with us. For Christmas, a cute holiday party was put together where everyone bought gifts and exchanged them anonymously.




We ended up on a high note .. like REALLY HIGH!

Our final trip as a CIEE group was our farewell dinner which included a trip to the Burj Khalifa. Here we said goodbye to our members who were to soon be going home, Inshirah and Tarik. Two incredible people we were all so fortunate to meet.




Best times Ever! lets do this again

Is studying abroad worth it? Sometimes you’ll miss home. You’ll miss your friends, and your family, but CIEE makes the UAE feel like a home. The experiences you will receive, the people you will meet, it is all worth it in the end. Would I do this again? Heck yeah. In fact, I loved this semester so much, I extended my study abroad experience into the Spring semester. The experiences and people you meet here are truly unforgettable.


“So I guess it ends here, we’ll go our separate ways and hope that we’ll see each other somewhere in the future”


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I wish I want to study in Sharjah University and Specially visit Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

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